BEE pdf notes – 2 – Civil, Mech, ECE Branch

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BEE PDF Notes Module - 2

Topics Covered - BEE Pdf notes of MODULE 2 are listed below:


Basic Electronics Engineering (BEE) Module 2

  • BJT Biasing : DC load line and Q-point, Fixed Bias, Load line.
  • Bias Stabilization by Emitter Resistance (Self-Bias).
  • Voltage-Divider Bias.
  • Analysis Equation and Numerical Examples.
  • Introduction operational amplifiers: OP-AMP Architecture, Differential Amplifier.
  • Basic OP-AMP Circuits: Inverting Amplifier, Virtual Ground, Non-inverting Amplifier.
  • Linear Applications of OP-AMP: Summer Circuit, Subtractor.
    Voltage Follower, Integrator and Differentiator, Numerical Examples.

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